Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Trust the BBC to fuck it up.

“… the peaceful atmosphere of Ambridge, home of BBC Radio 4 serial The Archers, is turning nastier.
The programme’s acting editor John Yorke, a former executive producer of gritty TV soap EastEnders, has promised to make the plotlines ‘darker and bigger’.”

Having buggered up the nations enjoyment of the Jubillee celebrations, the BBC are now set to ‘modernise’ the Archers, enjoyed by Brits the world over.

So, between now and Christmas, I wonder how many more gays they can cram into the village (it’s a long time since there was only one). We can expect the village divided when the pikeys turn up (for how a rural village really reacts, rather than in BBCworld [or lah-lah-land], go to http://www.meridenraid.org.uk/?p=271) and no doubt there’ll be a sympathetic storyline when the Bull is turned into a mosque.

Perhaps for 2013, they can follow up with how the muslim influx beat up the vicar and threw all the gays off the belltower, how the pikeys were revealed to be running a slave labour camp and, of course, the inevitable sex ring drags in Brian Archer.

Any other storylines you can envisage?

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