Saturday, 12 May 2012

Time for Cultural Relativism

With the arrest of a second bunch of Muslim perverts in Rochdale, surely the time is fast approaching when even the most blinkered, PC western establishments realise that Muslims and the disgusting creed they follow has no place in the western world?

Muslims owe their allegiance to no nation or other political division, their book of hate orders that they work towards the establishment of a caliphate, a Muslim world where the few non-Muslims they allow to live exist in a state of fiscal and mental servitude.

No Muslim can honestly pledge allegiance and they are permitted to lie if it furthers the aims of Islam. This means they can have no place in the Police, any Armed Forces, the Intelligence Services or the Judiciary. Nor can they have any place in politics and no position that lets the deviants anywhere near young children, especially girls. Neither must they be allowed to teach or preach.

If they cannot pledge allegiance to a nation, then they cannot possibly be citizens of any civilised nation (or America) and must be either Stateless (as the Arab nations have deliberately made the Jordanians that live adjacent to Israel – Palestine has no basis in international law) or accepted back into the hell-holes they claim to have escaped from. By so doing, we can effectively control their movements, remove them from our western airlines and free ourselves of the so-called security shackle they have placed upon us.

Until they sit down, of their own volition, and review their book of hate and all the baggage that goes with it, recognising it is inappropriate for the modern world, that it is not the 6th or 7th Century and needs to accept, for example, that women are mentally equal (and most western women are actually mentally light years ahead of them) and that all men have an equal place and worth on this planet, they must be marginalised and treated as the second-rate, dangerous individuals they are.

This, surely, is the basis of moral relativism and should be the real debate we are having. Are the tenets, actions and cultures of all belief systems equally valid? Of course not or we would still be slaving in Africa (I know Muslims still are, but that just reinforces the argument). Islam is stuck. It has been constructed in such a way that it cannot evolve in the light of changing conditions nor the development of new knowledge (the Koran still claims the world is flat, for f**k’s sake!) and must go the way of all that cannot evolve.

Free men rid England of their oppressors, free men drove the English oppressors out of the US, free men rid us of the Nazis, of the threat from Communism and Fascism. Islam needs to fully understand that word freedom and place it alongside the meaning of Islam. They will find ‘Islam’ wanting. Ultimately, free men will rid us of Islam unless it grows up and joins the modern world.


  1. Can't agree more mate. Even one of their own, Baroness Warsi. who incidentally has just been nicked for not declaring unearned income from a property she owns and "forgot about", said Paki youths see white girls as fair game. It could never be true the other way round, I can't recall ever seeing a fit Paki bird even after I'd had a double gallon of John Smiths.

    1. Don't matter how much piss you've had, you'd never know what they look like with a bag on their 'eads!