Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Let The Slaughter Begin.

Whilst I have no time for the socialist mob that is the BNP, nevertheless, they are being arrested outside the Liverpool court for seeking to leaflet the truth about the Muslim scum that follow the desert pervert in their ways.

Let us not forget either that the Police and the BBC conspired TWICE in attempting to imprison Nick Griffin for telling the truth about these ‘Asians’. So, as far as we are able, let us seek to spread the word far and wide:-

Islam is based upon the rantings of a paedophile who sanctioned the rape of little girls'
who decrees women have only half the mental capacity of men; that slavery is permitted'
that Muslim men have the right to rape those they control with their right hand'
that all non-believers may be killed.

This is not a religion, this is a cult of madmen and I believe it is perfectly in order for all westerners to slaughter these pieces of shit wherever they find them in order to protect their wives and daughters and the civilisation that we have evolved.

Bit steep? It is no more than they claim as their right.

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