Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Final Shame of the Mainstream Media

With the nasty Muslim perverts now locked away in one of Her Majesty's Holiday Camps, perhaps Leveson might actually do something useful, stop bothering with the phone hacking (which only bothers the political 'elite' for their own devious ends) and have a good look at the tissue of lies, distortions and omissions that have emanated from the MSM and the DTP.

Not one of our august national organs has had the guts to tell the truth.  Not one has had the balls to reveal that all the offenders in this (and all the other similar trials) are Muslims.  Not one has had the intellectual stamina to look into the reasons why these vile offences are so prevalent amongst the followers of Mohammed (Piss Be Upon Him).

And why should that be?  Not because they are afraid of the cult itself.  No, its because they know they are part of the problem.  They have remained silent whilst this tide of mentally-servile filth has washed across the continent of Europe.  To serve their political masters, they have failed to report the root beliefs of these objectionable aliens.  How can the likes of Harmen, Abbott and Greer remain silent about their treatment of women?  Why are the serried ranks of shirt-lifters so coy about the basic belief of the camel-jockeys with regard to their particular deviancy?  Why is Gary Glitter pilloried at every turn whilst the walking turds that bow to Mecca are left to continue their sordid little kiddie-fiddling lifestyles in peace?  Why are all the men-in-dresses from Lambeth Palace and Rome so silent?

And answer came there none.

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