Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Give Us This Day Our Smith & Wesson

Not for the first time, handing responsibility to citizens for their own protection sees a fall in crime:-




Mauser, in a report to the UK Home Office, demonstrated that murder rates have risen every year in the UK since the handgun ban.

So, when are UK citizens going to get their rights back? The TUI (Thugs In Uniform) now only carry out the bidding of the socialist Cameron parliament acting, as they were converted to do under Bliar and Bruin, as tax collectors.

Plod is not fit for purpose, more concerned in protecting the ‘rights’ of scum, paedostanis and other sundry miscreants (homegrown and imported varieties) than protecting the property or person of the law-abiding majority that are forced to fund their ever-more expensive toys (fast cars and helicopters being the latest examples). The entrance criteria (mental and physical) for the Force should be used to identify the brightest, strongest and bravest, not used to identify the dumbest as potential officers, along with weak women, short-arses and any ethnic, deviant or pervert that applies.

In an equal, multi-cultural society, how can there be a black coppers association or shirt-lifters group? Where’s the white coppers association, the happy heterosexual club?

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