Saturday, 23 June 2012

(Not) A Statement from Ed Milliband

“I, along with my Labour colleagues very much regret the way my party has for decades vigorously quashed any meaningful debate about immigration. We feel in some way responsible for having ensured the censorship and marginalisation of those wishing to expose these evil crimes and as a consequence creating the climate and conditions for the racially motivated rape of English children to reach epidemic proportions.”

“What we have done, whilst grovelling for votes from the Muslim community, is to systematically betray the white working class we purport to represent. In effect we have sold the children of those families to the Islamic community in exchange for our highly paid political positions. Not only that, in so doing we have sought to protect ourselves from exposure by seeking to imprison our political opponents from Damien Green to Nick Griffin. This massive betrayal of the British people has been achieved with the complicity of a totally rigged and biased media and high level corruption in the civil service.”

“How on earth we justified the sweeping under the carpet the rape,murder and prostitution of our own children in a blatant attempt to head off support for the political right, I will never know.”

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