Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Road trip

Off to Brisbane tomorrow (the big city) to meet up with SB and collect new wheels.  Weathermen are predicting a summer as bad as last year so have done a deal on a tidy Prado.   is the place to go for a good cheap 4WD

If you're tripping out from the UK, buying a cheap set of wheels can be cheaper than a hire car (especially for backpackers)  Aussie rego (road tax) includes basic insurance, so a ready to go car is just that - ready to go.  And Aussie cars (Falcons, Commodores) are built for the roads.  Just don't buy a red one.

Three Aussies in a bar discussing their cars.

Ocker 1 says I've got a Falcon, its deep metallic blue and I call it Blue Thunder.

Ocker 2 says Well I've got a Falcon, its Diamond White and I call it White Lightening.

Ocker 3 says (sheepishly) I've got a Falcon as well.  And I call it Clitoris 'cos its bright red and every cunts got one!


  1. Hi Tony, happy you landed on your feet running. Them Falcon's sound really mean with the right pipes on.

  2. Above comment is from me, I guess FWit stands for fuckwit??? I can't remember registering under such a name...