Thursday, 15 December 2011

Spectator posts this week

On the Feltham By-election
Clear Memories
December 16th, 2011 2:37am 
No doubt the Biased Brainwashing Cretins will be crowing over Labour winning the Feltham by-election, but what is the real message?

Well, this is an area with lots on benefits and lots of immigrants, and turkeys are not known for voting for Christmas. Only 28% of the population voted and half of them voted for Labour. So that means Millipede attracted around 14% of the population – no success by anybody’s standards.

In truth, the LibDems got 9/10 of f**k all with only 5.87% of the vote – that’s around 1% of the population voting for them. Telling is that the pro-English parties got over 8% of the vote when added together, way more than the Libs and in an area with high immigrant numbers. And clearly, despite the BBC’s best efforts, nobody really gives a shit about the Greens.

So Cameron, dump the coalition, they’re a spent force and if they throw their toys out of the pram and go off in a sulk, nobody will care in the real world. Close the borders and let’s start getting rid of the economic migrants, saving money and creating jobs for the indigenous population (those with a right to be in the UK whatever their skin colour). Let’s have that referendum on the EU.

But the real message for Westminster is the turnout. At 28%, you are not engaging the population in the debate. Nearly ¾ of the population consider politics an irrelevance, something they can have no impact on, something beyond their control.

And that is all down to the undemocratic activities of the EU and their spineless, slithering supporters in the media.

On Problem Families
Clear Memories
December 16th, 2011 12:21am
Why not move them into closed down Military camps, concentrating the problems in one place and removing the anti-social impact on their current neighbours in one go. Stopping their impact on others is an excellent start. It also saves greatly on the local funding component, which can then be transferred to the location and targetted.

It also has the benefit of removing them from the dealers, pubs, bookies and bingo halls that act as distractions and sources of family dysfunction. They don't HAVE to be locked in, but the fact that this sanction can be applied swiftly and effectively will not escape them - these people are very rarely stupid, just poorly educated.
Bases have housing, schooling, security, NAAFIs and very often, shops and pubs. These problem families can then receive their benefits as vouchers, only to be spent in the specified base locations, allowing subsidies on those things (such as healthy eating items) deemed advantageous and penalties on cigarettes, alcohol, fast foods etc.

It is no civil liberty for these societal victims to be left to their own devices without guidance; it is not fascist to seek to give their children and those yet unborn hope and a future.

Just a final thought. These bases often have large, concreted areas. Ideal caravan parks for that other great social ill that has infected our island from across the Irish Sea.

On the Private sector v the Public Sector

Clear Memories

December 16th, 2011 12:37am
This is all wonderfully academic - and pointless.

The amount earned by the private sector directly dictates the potential size of the public sector. If the private sector stagnates, we cannot afford the public sector.

And that is where we stand. We have a bloated public sector we cannot afford, contributing nothing to the public good, either as funds or quality-of-life improvements. These people have to go.

IF their jobs are critical, necessary or desirable, the private sector will sniff out the opportunity, step in to provide the service and re-employ them.

I suggest we assess all public sector jobs against a simple criteria - is the private sector, anywhere, matching this role at a profit (or even break-even). If the answer is no, scrap the role.

And if you're a public servant, ask yourself "Could I start a business doing what I do now and make a successful living for myself, my family and others?" If the answer is no, you're just another parasite leeching off the public purse and its time to look for a proper job.

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