Tuesday, 22 November 2011

In de Jungle

Currently working in sub-Saharan Africa with very intermittent internet access.

Sadly, I have to say, all my latent prejudices are being confirmed.  The locals are feckless, lazy and violent and other than the language difference, no different to the gangstas of African descent we have in London, Birmingham or any of our major cities.  Nothing is safe - leave it lying around and it will disappear.  Without armed guards, the kids will descend on pick-ups, force them to a halt and steal anything not bolted down.

Foreign workers here (and we're here to train them to do the jobs and benefit from the natural resources here) are never alone or unguarded.  Our compound (500 of us) is surrounded by barbed wire and an electrified fence plus a continual mobile armed presence all night.

Still, the monies good.  And after the locals finally take everything over, I'll give it 6 months before they pay us even more to come back and put things right.

Seems a general rule that those of African descent cannot manage anything properly nor work towards a better future.  Just look at America, who they've got in charge and the state they're in!!

Sad.  Clearly, whoever coined the phrase 'the noble savage' either hadn't been here or walked around with their eyes closed.

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