Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Hooray the Greeks.

Well, the Greek leader has called for a referendum rather than accept what the Krauts have tried to stuff down his throat.  And the Brussels Stalinists are outraged!  The thought of ‘ordinary’ people having a say!  How dare he?

Well, he dares, because he had to sack the Generals in a (possibly) vain attempt to stop the Army taking over.

So that’s what we’ve come to.  The EU was sold to Europe as a means to ensure 1914-18 and 39-45 were never again repeated.  All the fine words have led us to a virtual economic collapse across the region, Greece facing a coup d’etat, Italy and Spain about to collapse and the Germans, yet again, shouting the odds whilst the French cower in the corner waiting for someone to save the day.

Well, fuck ‘em.  We’ve saved Europe twice in the last hundred years.  Let the arseholes scrap amongst themselves, leave us out of it this time.  We have the Commonwealth, when the black one is kicked out of the White House, we can renew that friendship (and not until), the Canadians are set to become very oil-rich, we are set to become very gas-rich (all the greenies can frack off), India is still a mate and China has forgiven us for the opium wars (since we gave them honkers back). 

So we’re well set to face the world, we don’t need that shithole across the channel that is Europe, we can and should stand on our own two feet.  So, come on Cameron, show soem Greek guts and give us our referendum – I might even come back and vote!

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