Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Has the Sun Fried Willy-boys Brain?

Can it really be true that Britain is making this threat?  Do they not realise the implications?  The only nation I can think of that attacked an Embassy was Iran and it remains a pariah State.  For fucks sake, even the North Koreans play nicely where embassies are concerned!

Does Hague actually plan to cede the moral high ground and endanger every western diplomat on the planet who operates in a so-called oppressive regime?  Can he actually be that fucking stupid? 

Article 22 of the Vienna Convention states:

The premises of a diplomatic mission, such as an embassy, are inviolate and must not be entered by the host country except by permission of the head of the mission. Furthermore, the host country must protect the mission from intrusion or damage. The host country must never search the premises, nor seize its documents or property.

Is that clear enough for you and your TIU?  No big words there, even your thick pointy-hatted bullies should be able to understand.  Tell Plod to have a fucking good look at the second sentence - Ecuadorians are South American, they're nearly black!  That means you have to fawn over them, make special allowances and turn a blind eye when they break the law - which they haven't.  All they've done is allow the world's biggest gossip to lodge with them for protection because powerful people have been embarrassed by his tittle-tattle.

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