Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wrong Again (How long before a few more governments get the message)

The warmers clearly don't like the truth.  As the graph below shows, year after year, the climate change models, upon which much of the governments policy is based, are proven to be wrong.  Put simply, the real world stubbornly refuses to agree with the computers.

All most inconvenient for the warmists as they have to keep chnaging their predictions and finding more cute furry animals we'll soon wipe out if we don't change our ways (as the last lot are breeding like the proverbial rabbits).  Actually, its not the warmists I feel sorry for but all the elderly forced to decide whether to 'eat or heat'.  In the UK, 1,876 patients were treated in hospital for hypothermia in 2010/11, up from 950 in 2006/07. The number of sufferers who died within 30 days of admission shot up from 135 to 260.

Let us be brutally honest, the legacy of the green movement is death.  Dead Old Folk in Britain because inflated power bills are being used to fund ineffective windfarms.  Burned people in Victoria, Aus. because the greens opposed back-burning and the clearance of forest litter to protect mice, snakes and insects - then when the fires started, they couldn't be extinguished.  Drowned people in Brisbane, where the dams were kept full because the warmists claimed there would be no more rain and then the deluge overflowed the dam gates in an uncontrolled manner.

Everywhere you look, Luddites are opposing advancement, not like the originals, from a self-serving standpoint but from an anti-business, anti-western soft-left position backed by an absence of commonsense and scientific fact.  They are blind, like all lefties, and truly fucking stupid.

Fact:  There is no evidence for AGW.
Fact:  Sea levels are NOT rising
Fact:  The IPCC is not the fount of all knowledge, it is a biased, corrupt body of lying self-interest groups.

If greens REALLY cared for the planet and wanted to protect wildlife habitats, they'd campaign for strict controls on population growth in Africa and the Far East.  But then, thats a bit intolerant, isn't it?

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