Monday, 13 February 2012


Lots of ongoing crap and waffle about the NHS/nasty Tories again but the simple fact is the NHS is no longer fit for purpose and is unaffordable.  And ever will be until it aims are more clearly defined for this modern era.

I am sure its founders never intended it to change boys into girls (or vica versa), increase/decrease the size of ladies wobbly bits, treat anybody from anywhere in the world or do anything more than make comfortable those who choose to abuse and destroy their bodies.

How about we start with 3 simple changes:

1  If you are not British and have paid nothing in, you get nothing out

2  Set up special hospitals funded by the industry to treat those who smoke.

3  ditto for those whose illnesses are as a result of alcohol.

Finally, no treatment, for those testing positive for illegal substances.  I feel sure Mr Branson and his wealthy (substance abusing) friends would be happy to fund Clinics for these poor souls through a Charity.

I like the concept of the NHS but anywhere universal health care is available to all with no restrictions, it doesn't work!  Another good move would be to remove the onerous tax penalties that are applied to those receiving private health care cover as part of their employment.  This might encourage a greater take up and thus unburden the NHS  In any event, this is an unfair tax as the payee has already paid their health care (NI - Employee and Employer contributions), their employer is just ensuring they're back at work as quick as possible BECAUSE the NHS is crap.

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