Friday, 20 January 2012

Justice? We'll see

Following guilty verdicts in the Derby "Kill the gays" case, the MSM is awash with congratulatory back-slapping that Muslims have finally been found guilty of a hate crime.

But let's be blunt, this was investigated zealously because gays were the target.  Had it been Christians, very little would have been done, as has happened in the past.  The internet is awash with photos of desert scum waving placards, in the UK, calling for the death of westerners.  TV programmes have shown Imams calling for the beheading on infidels (thats you and me, folks) - no action taken.

If the Koran truly calls for the death of homosexuals, then it a hate publication and should be banned, as should any religion that follows it as a tenet of faith.  These 'people' have no place in our society.  They come here from the worlds shitholes seeking a better life and, as soon as they arrive, they set about turning our tolerant western nations into the hellholes they left.

Ban their so-called religion, bulldoze their temples of hate and treat them as non-believers are treated in Saudi, Somalia, Eqypt, Nigeria - in fact anywhere they hold sway. Scum - every bearded, towel-headed, veiled one of them.

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